Our Team

Joshua Wisdom

Joshua Wisdom

founder & ceo
Joshua Wisdom is a serial entrepreneur, writer, speaker and author. He partners with CEOs, directors and solopreneurs to grow their brands, through content. His principles of integrity and commitment to excellence are what has brought him this far. In addition to being the CEO at J.O.A Writing Services, he holds significant positions at J.O.A Designs and J.O.A Technologies. Joshua is a busy person, though spends his 'free' time playing chess.
Flourish Agbolade

Agbolade Flourish

managing director
Agbolade Flourish is a stylistic and articulate writer whose eloquent expression of creative and innovative ideas has earned him professional affirmation in the writing industry. In addition to his emphatic writing skills, he is extensively experienced in Consultation, Marketing and Accounting. He serves as an ambassador for various prestigious national and international organizations in association with the United Nations. Asides being the Managing Director at J.O.A writing services, he is a singer, speaker and a volunteer.
Sanusi Usman

Usman Sanusi

content specialist

Usman Sanusi is an experienced and versatile writer who translates his thoughts into words. He has  worked with big brands such as OperaNews, Time Out in Africa and many more. He’s a lover of football and a music enthusiast.


Tabitha Oyewole

Tabitha Oyewole is a content writer, storyteller and social media manager who is interested in helping people bring their thoughts to life. Her motto is “You think it, I express it”. Also, Tabitha is a renowned academic writing expert with over two years of experience. She enjoys reading, travelling and of course, writing. Her passion is to lend her voice to the voiceless through her writing skills, and she is on her way to achieving this through her poems. She is the go-to person for the best content that would attract the intended audience.

Ifedigbo Chukwuebuka

Ifedigbo Chukwuebuka is a marketing strategist, content creator and an SDG advocate. Besides being an avid writer, he enjoys reading about corporate finance, politics and international trade law. Chukwuebuka has over two (2) years of experience working for renowned brands in Nigeria. Having served in various leadership positions, he has been able to develop excellent critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.
Kekerekun Victor

Victor Kekereekun 

Victor Kekereekun is a simple man with liberal values who derives pleasure from adventurous and cognitive activities. A passionate sports journalist, football columnist, special educator, an educationist and a researcher. His strength lies in persistence and determination to get objectives completed as at when due.
Daniel Eruaga

Daniel Eruaga


Daniel Eruaga is a creative writer with experience in writing and proofreading. He conducts extensive research on emerging contents, marketing trends, and creates great content that represents your brand and gives your company an edge. As a prolific writer with several years of experience, Daniel's work has appeared in several e-zine articles and other reputable websites.

Patra Anwani

Patra Anwani

content WRITER

Patra Anwani is a digital marketer and a prolific writer with a special interest in content writing. She is dedicated to helping clients create a vivid interpretation of their brand's vision. She is passionate about helping individuals and businesses with strategies to grow their brand and gain the best digital experience possible.


Promise Falodun

Promise Falodun is a smart and young lady, who is of the school of thought that states, “If you can think it, then you can achieve it”. Though a graduate of History Education from the University of Lagos, she is passionate about writing, content creation, presentation and mentoring. Promise has been able to help her clients portray a reputable image of their brand using her unique writing style. Using innovative writing techniques, tone and style, Promise creates content that fits in and projects the purpose of the piece or culture of the brand.

Esther Ikott

Esther Ikott is a digital content creator with experience in copywriting and copyediting. She is an enthusiastic writer, reader and an educationist who aims to wield influence through her work. She employs imaginative, research and analytical skills to create quality content that satisfies the curiosity and needs of different brands. Aside from writing, Esther exudes excellent human resource management skills and is committed to delivering outstanding results.
Pofunmi Goroye

Pofunmi Goroye 

LEAD Graphic designer
Pofunmi Goroye is a professional graphic designer with over three (3) years of work experience. His passion is coming up with original, innovative and artistic designs for each client’s project, from conception to execution. He has worked on a variety of design products for big brands such as L&B Travel Agency, Isurf Consulting and Business Derivatives Limited, a Scottish company. His favourite tools are Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
Pofunmi Goroye

Adeyinka Adeyemi 

assistant LEAD Graphic designer
 Adeyinka Adeyemi is an enthusiastic graphic designer with a year of work experience but with numerous projects to his portfolio. He is the founder of Designs By YK, a design company that specializes in logo and brand identity design. Due to his passion for digital marketing, he designs for clients with the primary aim of making an impactful impression. He is proficient at using design tools such as Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

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